Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On Vacation

I'm sitting on a lawn chair by a swimming pool in Florida, watching the sun come up while I drink my coffee. My cousin's wedding is Saturday but I came a few days early to visit with a life-long friend that I haven't seen for a while. I was supposed to do this two years ago but we had an ice storm in my part of the country and wasn't able to come. Anyway, it's nice to get away, but all last week I had some stomach bug and missed a week of work (because I HAD to get well!) and I was planning on being back in Illinois and back to work next Wednesday, but my uncle died and the funeral is going to be that day (they're actually waiting for us to get back, since half the family is down here). By the time I get back to work I'm going to have used every sick day, every vacation day, and every personal day I have. So I better just enjoy this!


Bob Slatten said...

Well, have fun by the pool.
I need to be by a pool ....

the dogs' mother said...

Soak up that sunshine :-)