Sunday, September 4, 2016

Small Town Controversy

It's amazing what people in small towns get over-excited about. Our city council, in their infinite wisdom, decided to make our "Triangle" into a no parking zone and they did it practically overnight and with little warning. Now, there are pros and cons. Pro- the road is a bit narrow and people drive faster than they should, so this widens the space. Con--we lose 12 parking spaces. That doesn't seem like a huge number, but there isn't much parking available uptown, plus some of our older customers (I work in the store where the white truck sits) have a hard time backing up, and preferred to parallel park. Now, personally, I don't really care. I mean, I've seen some accidents, nothing major, but there was damage to vehicles. But I suppose accidents will still happen. Everyone (including my boss) is up-in-arms. For the most part, I think the whole thing has been blown totally out of proportion. It's all every one talked about last week. I'm so hoping there's a new topic this week! (But I doubt it.)


the dogs' mother said...

Roundabouts here. In England we went around a five lane one.
That was in 1980! Here we had a two lane down by our area and
tons of accidents. I saw one car go over the middle with big rocks
and trees. Left car parts everywhere. Anyway it has been remodeled.
Kind of. My rule is expect everyone to not really know what
they are doing or don't know it has changed and I'm never disappointed
or crashed into :-)

Dave R said...

I"m one of those who hates to parallel park so the wider street would be fine with me.

Bob Slatten said...

I think a wider street is better, and those people who have troubles with it might just be people who don't like change; they'll get used to it ... though they'll probably drive a helluva lot slower now!

Sadie J said...

I think the "not liking change" thing is the main problem. This town was settled by German immigrants and wow, but are they ever a cantankerous bunch! Roundabouts-- shutter inducing! There's one in St. Louis and one in Indianapolis that I avoid when I'm visiting those cities!