Monday, November 14, 2016

What Comes Next

I spent way too much of my weekend on Facebook, getting into silent arguments. Funny what people will say when they don't actually have to face you as they say it! But, on the other side, I also had more Private Message chats in the last three days than I probably have had in a year, people that wanted me to know they agreed. It balanced out the negative feelings I was getting, and I became rather amused by the end of it all. Well, except the guy who friended me and then got creepy. But that's a whole other story!

But, the point is, I know this isn't forever. The next few years are going to be difficult, I don't doubt that. But I'm not tucking my head between my knees, I'm not going to stop looking for positive things to fill my life. I'm not going to quit trying. The fight for human rights--all human rights--is an important one. In other words, I'm going to continue being me! If anything, I'm probably going to be more "me" than I ever have. This should be fun!

That said, I want to reach outside my little splot of Earth, where everything's pretty white and the population tends to ignore what is outside their lack of empathy. So, I'm looking through Twitter and Tumblr and finding organizations who are doing real good, and need help doing that. Finances are iffy right now as I help the daughter get on her feet, but hopefully by the start of the new year, she'll have (at least part) of her shit together. I had never heard of Amazon wishlists for LGBTQ Centers, but I think that might be a good place to start. Nyrae Dawn does a blog and she features a different Center each month. I think I'll bookmark her.

Anyone else? What are your plans to keep your sanity?


Bob Slatten said...

I'll keep my sanity knowing that this is not the way things will stay.
This election may have mobilized those who like in Angrywhitemenistan but now it's angered those of us who don't. And there are more of us then them, so things will change.
I'll stay sane knowing that a change IS coming.

the dogs' mother said...

It is kindof astonishing, still, that we find ourselves in this place.
We are also in a quiet part of our blue state but lots of good people who do good works and need support.

carol pavlik said...

I am hopeful things will work out. Who has fear like illegal immigrant criminals. I have discovered a store in a nearby town run by homeless for homeless. I am going to concentrate on helping them.