Monday, December 12, 2016

Yuri On Ice

So, 2016 kind of peaked for me in March, and has gradually gone downhill ever since. Have we really ever seen such a year? But there has been this little ray of sunshine the last couple of weeks. My daughter has been a big anime fan since before her teens, and I've developed an appreciation for it. Yuri on Ice began popping up on my Twitter and Tumblr, so a couple of weeks ago I started watching, and wow! Yup, I'm a bit obsessed. 10 episodes in, and I think there are 3 more. 

 The animation during the skate scenes is amazing, and the storyline is full of surprises. Watch it on Crunchyroll or Gogoanime (dubbed version) if you have any interest. Maybe the year doesn't have to go down totally in flames!

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the dogs' mother said...

Glad you found something to enjoy! :-)