Monday, August 3, 2009

Follow Up

My son and I made it to Indianapolis as planned, but the trip got cut short. The boy is a worrier and he decided he was getting sick (I think it was lack of sleep) so the whole stay was only about 24 hours. But we did alot in those 24 hours (and spent alot of money in the process)! We went shopping and out to eat on Sunday evening. Then headed to the theatre to see the new Harry Potter movie (our whole reason for picking that particular weekend) and then we headed down town in the middle of the night to see the fountain. Way past my bed time, but it was worth it! If you are ever in Indianapolis, go downtown after dark! Then a couple of hours of (bad) sleep and up and out for breakfast. Afterwords we went to the Zoo. We are so used to the St. Louis Zoo that the Indianapolis Zoo seemed rather small. But it is really beautiful and the exhibits impressed me. The animals were all out and moving around. We really enjoyed it. But after we left there the boy decided he wanted to head home instead of travel around Indiana. I even offered to get us a hotel room instead of spending another night with the girls but he was adamant. He just didn't want to be away from home if he was getting sick. I don't blame him, except I don't believe he was sick--just tired. But it saved me from spending more money, so that's okay!
Oh, and Lucky showed up for a bit Saturday afternoon. Then she disappeared again. I don't know where she is going!

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