Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why I'll Never Be Skinny

Rainy day today, and outside activities are limited! So I pulled out this recipe for Chocolate Mousse Torte I got off a nilla wafer box that I've been wanting to try. I had even bought the ingredients weeks ago, but hadn't taken the time. It was a hit--even my son, who isn't a fan of cream cheese, liked it. Yeah! I'm one of those people who pull pages out of my magazines because I want to try the recipe, but then they never get made. I decided I was going to start trying some of them. According to my husband, tho, the problem is I make something, it tastes great, and then I never make it again. My filing system leaves something to be desired! Maybe, someday, I'll be organized!

1 comment:

Beth said...

oh mother of all that is holy that looks delish!!!!!!

dayum girl!!!! I gained 10 pounds just looking at that!!!