Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life Adjustment

The daughter is moving home in two weeks. After almost two years away at school, she is taking a break. She and her roommate have both decided they have gotten all they can from the school they have been attending and are going to look into other options. In the mean time, she is moving back with us. It's going to be an adjustment! I think more so for her than for us because she has spent the last two years in Indianapolis, where there is plenty to do. There just really isn't much to do in our little town. (Maybe that will be her incentive to find a school quickly!) She came home several weeks ago and brought a car load of stuff. We met her in Terre Haute today, which is half way between here and there, and brought home another car load. I was hoping she could get the rest of it home in one more load, but she didn't sound confident that she can do that, so we will probably make another trip next weekend and do it again. I'm just wondering where we are going to store all of her stuff! It's amazing what one can accumulate in 2 years!

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