Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bird on a Ladder

We have several trees in the yard and during the last few weeks, since it's been warm enough to have the windows open, the noise the baby birds have been making has just about driven us crazy! It's amazing how loud they can be! Now, they are all leaving the nests and there are baby birds all over the place. I'm afraid the neighborhood cats have decided our yard is Cat Central and the babies that don't learn to fly quickly are probably short lived. This baby Robin found a perch yesterday evening on the ladder my husband left outside after cleaning gutters. He spent quite awhile there, just looking around, until an adult showed up with a worm. Then he got very excited, started making lots of noise and flapping he little wings around. Last I saw of him, he very wobbly flew over to the fence and, very proud of himself, looked around to see if anyone noticed. I think he is safe from the cats!

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