Saturday, May 14, 2011

Larry Lujack - Super Jock!

When I was in High School my friends and I listened to WLS out of Chicago. It was an AM station-I'm really surprised it came in this far south. But every morning, as we got ready for school, we listened to Animal Stories with "Uncle Lar" Larry Lujack and "Little Tommy", Tommy Edwards. It was usually one of the first topics we discussed once we got to school. WLS was a top 40 radio station and to this day my favorite music is late 70's and early 80's top 40. I loved the whole crew, even the news crew. I still know, 30 years later, that LGBB means "Les Grobstein, Bubble Butt", something Larry came up with one morning. (My husband and I are convince that WKRP in Cincinnati was modelled after WLS!) Soon after we graduated, the programming at WLS began to change, and it was never as good. I began to listen to a station out of Terre Haute that played "harder" Rock and when I dialed back to 89, it just wasn't the same. One day, several years later, I dialed it in to find that it is now talk radio. Humph. Ah, but the memories are still there! And now, thanks to YouTube, so are some of the clips!

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