Wednesday, June 8, 2011

13-Year Cicadas Invasion

The 13-year cicadas have arrived! I think they're fascinating. While driving down the highway Saturday, they were so loud that I could hear them over my radio and air conditioner--with my windows closed. I imagine for the people that live in the country it's annoying. My daughter and I went out "bug hunting" and took pictures yesterday evening at the Nature Center. We could hear them everywhere, but at first I couldn't find any because they were all up in the tall trees. I couldn't even find any shells. But up by the building the bushes were covered with them! They have red eyes and orange wings, which distinguish them from the regular yearly cicadas that we will get later in the summer. After this crop of cicadas finish singing and mating in the next couple of weeks, we won't see them again until 2024. Since we couldn't find any shells, I figured that they had all gotten knocked off during the storm Sunday, but we found a tree that was covered with them. I just think it's too cool!


froggy said...

Hi SA!
Always nice to discover a new bloggy. We don't have bugs like these out here in the pnw. Our bugs are boring!
Having a pond I do get a bunch of different insects.

S'A said...

Hi! Most of our bugs are plain annoying, but there are a few interesting ones!