Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I took my daughter to St. Louis Lambert Airport yesterday for her flight back to San Francisco. Of course, it rained the whole way. We left with plenty of time to spare because I haven't been to the airport for a very long time and I was afraid of getting lost. Plus, there is always the threat of road construction. It's almost a miracle to get to St. Louis without driving through miles of road construction. Anyway, like I said, it was raining. Hard. The closer we got to the Missouri boarder, the harder it rained. As we crossed the Mississippi River on 270 we passed a car that had spun around, was facing the wrong way and was blocking the right lane. I figured we were going to get smashed by a semi trying to get around, but we made it. We got to the airport on time (meaning 1 hour before her flight), but just barely. Because at times I was only driving 45 miles-per-hour. Did I mention it was raining--hard? We got her checked in at Arrivals, I gave her a hug, and headed back to 270. Miracle! It quit raining! Within two miles of the airport, I passed two more wrecks. And all I could think was "fools"! When it's raining so hard you can barely see out your windshield, slow down! I couldn't tell if there was any other cars involved, so I imagine they hydroplaned. Other people's driving makes me so nervous!

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froggy said...

I have been on I-5, in Seattle, when it was raining so hard, with semis everywhere that we were totally blind as to what was in front or behind us. Scary, scary, scary.
Glad you made it in one piece!