Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We have three vehicles--a 2005 Dodge Neon, a 1995 Ford Escort and a 1991 Chevy S-10. We bought the Neon in '06 when we were taking the kids to Walt Disney World and we figured the Escort was going to be a bit tight. We kept the other two vehicles because they were both paid for, ran well, and our oldest had just turned 16. She drove the Escort, which she named Rupert, through High School and for the two years she was going to school in Indianapolis. But now that she is in San Francisco, we don't have a need for 3 vehicles. The big Question of late has been, "which one do we get rid of?". My husband drives the Neon back and forth to work, and I drove Rupert during the winter after I hurt my foot and walking just wasn't an option. But my foot is (slightly) better and the weather is nice, so I've been walking to work. The truck is a "plain jane" that we bought new, off the lot. It only had 4 miles on it and my husband drove it back and forth to work for years. It's been a great truck for us, but it is a stick shift and doesn't have power steering. I have a hard time driving it. I realized two weeks ago that we really do need a truck. We don't need two cars. So altho I love our little Escort, it should be the one that goes. I made the decision, I hardened my heart. And ever since we have had trouble with the truck. I know, it's 20 years old. It was bound to happen. It may not be "big" trouble; it may be something that is easily, and inexpensively, fixed. I just need it to run for a couple more years! Am I really asking so much? (And will Rupert ever forgive me?)

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froggy said...

I know about getting attached to cars. Broke my heart when a crazed Christmas shopper ran a stop sign in a crew cab and totaled our volvo. Blessed car, I'm sure, saved my youngest from serious injury as he was in the passenger seat. As it was he was in months of physical therapy.