Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weird Al

Weird Al performed at the Effingham Performance Center last night and I had tickets! It was so worth the money we really don't have right now! It was an amazing, fun show. We had never been to the EPC before-- I think the tickets are a little pricey--but it's a nice place. I had been told there are no bad seats there and I would agree. Altho I purchased the "cheap" seats, we had a good view of the stage. I guess after 35 years of performing it's not surprising that he and his group can put on a tight show. The show was so well put together that the audience was never left hanging while the band was changing costumes. And there were lots of costumes! I think that's part of the fun! Weird Al has a new album coming out in about 3 weeks and he covered quite a few of his new songs, but there was plenty of his older hits, too. I've been a fan since my High School days, the early MTV days! I would definitely go see him again!

Credit where credit is due. The photos are not mine since no cameras were allowed during the show. The photos belong to the EPC.

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