Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sadness in the Blogasphere

Heather and Jon Armstrong have separated. I read it this evening at dooce.com. And then at blurbomat.com. And I cried. I was introduced to the world of Blogs by Birdie Jaworski, who was an Avon Lady at the time and blogged about her Avon adventures. Through her I discovered dooce.com and I was hooked. I've followed the Armstrong's as one daughter overcame problems with walking, as they moved--twice, as their business grew, as they added a second puppy and then a second daughter. I've admired Chuck's talent of balance and patience. I've especially admired Heather's ability to find humor in the world she lives in and to share it. To me, she has become a pseudo-celebrity. I talk about her like I know her. So what she and Jon shared with us today made me incredibly sad. None of my friends or co-workers are bloggers. This is a sadness I can't share with them. But I can share it here.

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froggy said...

Do not follow them but know what you mean. So far, knock wood, none of my 3-d friends or any bloggy friends have broken up. That's pretty amazing these days.