Friday, June 15, 2012

The Bitchy Cashier

 I hate check writers. So many people can't talk and write at the same time.  So they talk and  obliviously swing the ink pen around while more people are lining up behind them.  Write the damn check!!!  Better yet, sign your name and hand it to me.  We have a check printer--it takes about 2 seconds.  Maybe it's because of my advancing age, but I have no patience anymore.  It's like the old Visa commercials where everything comes to a stop when  someone pulls out a checkbook. Anyway, that's how my day is going.  How is your's?

1 comment:

the dogs mother said...

I raise you the lady who had a binder full of coupons and an accomplice with a binder full of coupons. eeeeek!