Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Christmas Brought

After Lucky died, I said "No more house pets. Three is enough." Famous last words. This little lady followed the son home Christmas night during his usual evening walk. (Any way, he claims she followed. I wonder how much encouragement she got!) We fixed her up a warm place outside and fed her. But everyone kept saying "she's cold-it's cold out there". Uugh! Long story short, she's in the house, she's been to the vet, she's already fixed (probably one of those fix and release programs they do occasionally) and we are playing around with names. I think she's going to be Jessie. The lady across the alley from us died a few months back and she had several strays that she fed. As friendly and sweet as this cat is, I've got the feeling she was one of Mary's bunch. Oh, joy. We have another cat!


Bob said...

Jessie's one lucky cat to have found you.
Or, is it the other way round?

the dogs' mother said...

This kitty knows a good family when she/he sees one!