Monday, April 22, 2013

Just do It

I majored in Art for one year until my Dad's hounding about what kind of job I was going to get with an Art degree finally convinced me to switch to Psychology. Fat lotta good it did me, since I've worked in a grocery store for the past 15 years! I'm not the type to look back and regret decisions because regrets get us nowhere. However  I do regret that I quit drawing. Somehow, between raising kids, working multiple jobs, doing housework and just all of the minutia that goes with life, I let my talent slip away. My daughter, who is majoring in 2D animation  told me to just pick up a pencil and start drawing again.  And I admit, she's right. So, I did. And it felt good. The fine detail is gone, but maybe there is still a little talent left to develop  So, starting today, I'm starting my day with muscle building exercises  (which I've already done this morning) and reserving drawing time in the evening. I think I've got a bit of that "mid-life" thing going on, but maybe that's not a bad thing!


Bob said...

Good for you.
Just do it for the enjoyment and see where it takes you.

the dogs' mother said...

What Bob said :-)