Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rainbow Bird!

 My last home project took 6 months to complete, so I'm proud to say this one only took 3 months! I have collected bird pictures for years, even before we lived in this house. I had them grouped on the dining room wall, like such. Dust catchers, really. I was tired of them. 

 I became a big Peter Max fan in High School--still am. So I decided, as part of my "getting back into Art" mindset, that I would paint something inspired by his peace dove.
 Only, I then saw Noel Fielding's Tiger Spider wall painting and got inspired by the use of color and free form.

This is the blending of the two. The dining room has been a mess all summer, but I'm starting to get everything back where it belongs. I love the free hand look of Noel's work, and tried to get that same feel. Which is good, since my artist skills are never going to be what they were when I was in school! I'm happy with the result, that's all that really matters!

But now I'm catching myself scoping out other walls! Before I'm done, the house is going to look like an art gallery!