Monday, September 29, 2014

As Time Passes By

I just glanced at the calendar and realized it's my Mom and Dad's anniversary. Or, it would be if Dad was still alive. He's been gone 22 years (is that even possible?) and Mom is happily remarried. So here is the quandary-- it's still an important day to me. But maybe I'm the only one it's important to. My brother lives 5 states away and I love him to death, but we don't really talk that much; I don't know if he even knows what September 29th signifies.  Maybe it's still important to Mom (it probably is) but she's not sentimental and we have never been the type to talk about "feelings", so again, not a subject that's going to come up in the conversation. Okay, I think I could get extremely maudlin right now, and that's not my purpose. I just want to acknowledge the day in the one way I can. Happy 58th anniversary, Mom and Dad! (Oh, and happy 122nd B-Day, Grandpa!)


Bob Slatten said...

I'm the same ay with my Mom's birthday--it just passed--and my parents anniversary. Even though she's gone, it still means something to me.

the dogs' mother said...