Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Is Over

I've always loved Christmas, but right at this moment I think I would be happy to just skip it. Oh, I'm sure I wouldn't, but I would love to keep it very simple. Which may happen. I'm sure Squirt is going to see a Christmas tree as one big kitty toy, so we may not even put one up. The same goes for most of my holiday decorations. Cat toys, all. And the gift giving is going to be, by necessity, limited. I think I'm just dreading cold weather, to be honest! I used to love this time of year; cuddling up with a throw blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and a book. I'm dreading losing my lounge chair on the deck in the sun with a cold beer in my hand.

Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah. I just ran out to Dollar General for fabric softener and there is Christmas stuff all over the place. I'm surprised they weren't playing Christmas music! Let the holiday's commence!


the dogs' mother said...

whatever happened to thanksgiving?!
it is 62 here today....

Bob Slatten said...

We just got back from CostCo and it is littered with Christmas stuff!