Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daily Irritants

Why do people think they can go into a store (or any business, actually) trash talk the products and the employees, and then wonder why they aren't greeted with smiles and service? I'm sorry, if I'm that unhappy with a store, I quit going there. I don't continue to return weekly! I had a customer today who was unhappy that we were out the bacon we had on sale. I explained to her that store policy is we only give rainchecks if we have been shorted the item and will not receive any before the sale ends. This particular customer said she wouldn't be in again this week--but I would almost bet she is. She comes in several times each week. And she was unhappy with the response she got from the employee in the meat department that told her we were out. (He has had previous run-ins with her and kept his answers as short as possible.) At that point I offered to give her the raincheck but she refused. She didn't want it any more. She said she would just have to go to Walmart and she was having a good day until she came to the store. I mumbled "me too" and then clamped my mouth shut to avoid telling her how much we dread seeing her come in the door. I think she started to realize she had gone to far by the set of my face because her tone changed and she even tried to smile a little. 98% of the customers are okay--quite a few downright chatty and friendly--but it's that 2% that ruin my day!

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