Saturday, June 19, 2010

Plenty of Good People

We all expect those panicked late-night calls from our kids when they are in their teens about car trouble. Even I had to call my folks to come pull me out of the mud two Christmas' ago. Yesterday was my daughter's official moving home day. I knew she would have a lot to finish packing and I knew she was going to have a rough time separating from her roommates, one especially-they've been joined at the hip for more than the last year and a half. But I really thought she would head home by mid-afternoon. The drive between here and Indianapolis, where she has been attending school, is almost three hours long. The fact that she drives a 15 year old Escort has never bothered me much, but for some reason I had a bad feeling this time. Not unfounded, as it turns out. The RA that was supposed to inspect the apartment didn't get there until (very) late afternoon, so by the time she finished packing and got something to eat, it was almost dark. Half way home, just west of Terre Haute, her tire blew out. Thank goodness, she had just gotten to the rest area. She pulled over and called us. While I was "discussing" options with my husband, she was "Mom, I'm all freaked-out here!" I told her to unpack the trunk, get out the spare, and look helpless. Maybe someone would take pity on her. In the mean time, we would head her way. Well, my plan worked. A nice trucker helped her get the tire changed. We had only gone approximately 20 miles when she called so we turned around and headed home, and she finally made it, safe and sound. It's nice to know there are still plenty of good people out there!

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