Saturday, December 18, 2010

But I'm Not Complaining!

I had a wild week at the store. We actually got some snow over the course of the week, but unfortunately it was accompanied by ice. Whenever there is a threat of bad weather, everyone comes running in to "stock up" as if we are going to get snowed in for 2 weeks. It's been years since it was more than 2 days! Tuesday is our Senior Citizen day, so it's always our busiest day anyway, but add in bad weather and it becomes hectic. Plus, to make the day more fun, one of our registers went down for about two hours. Understand, we only have two registers on the best of days. (It's a small store.) One register, lines of people. Hence, loads of fun. (sarcasm, in case you missed that!) Fortunately, everyone was very understanding. That's not always the case. Wednesday, somehow we just got behind, then the other day girl went to do deliveries, and was gone half the day. (I think she only had two deliveries but the Pepsi delivery guy parked her in.) Then, on Thursday and Friday, she couldn't make it in because she lives about 10 miles out and the Blacktop was one big stretch of black ice. Therefore, I got to do my work, her work, and even a little extra, just for the fun of it and because one of the owners had a doctor's appointment. My bad foot has had too much of a work-out, and I think I re-injured my knee. I'm feeling old. Next week, Christmas week, should be just as fun, maybe even more so! Thank goodness, I actually do enjoy the hustle and bustle!


The husband had to work 5 to 9 this morning, so I rode over with him and went shopping with the goal of finishing my Christmas shopping. It's rather nice when there isn't many people in the stores! I went to Walmart at 6 and parked up front. Then I wondered around for awhile. Picked up a few things, checked out with no lines. But I had to go back at 9 because the photo department wasn't open and I had my mother-in-law's present to pick up. In the two hours from when I left to when I came back was like night and day! The parking lot was full and the lines were all long! But I think I'm done! Yeah!


A few nights ago, a slightly intoxicated young man "driving too fast for conditions" jumped the culvert and hit a main power-line pole North of town, taking out the electricity in at least 3 towns. It fried my answering machine. I meant to look for a new one this morning, but with all of the Christmas shopping, I forgot. My family really doesn't like answering the phone, so I guess I better figure out something quick!

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