Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Hassles

My maniacal urge to bake cookies in December was just as strong this year as it always has been. I've spent the last 4 weeks baking, baking, baking. I have a freezer full of cookies. I'll give some away, but we'll be eating Christmas cookies into February! I've told myself "enough" but I'm still mentally planning what to bake next. The madness has to stop! I just wish my Holiday urges were the worst of my problems right now. We've having some trouble getting my daughter's financial aid worked out (that can wait until after Christmas, I think). And the IRS has just notified us that my son's taxes were figured wrong and he owes almost $700. This can't wait. I'm pretty sure it's wrong. It all has to do with a small trust fund my Mom set up that got rolled over into another account last year. My guess is something got inputted wrong somewhere down the line and I'll be pulling out my hair (what little I have) trying to straighten it all out. I'm going to spend my whole week on this instead of enjoying the last week of Christmas. I get so tired of the hassle that seems to go with everything any more!

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