Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ahead of Schedule

I walk by this little tree every day on my way to work. Every Fall it turns really red and pretty. This year, like so many other trees (especially small ones) the leaves turned early and fell off, or just simply fell off. The heat and lack of rain really hurt them. It seems to be a trend the last few years, we get too much rain for a couple of months, then it just stops. So here I am, watching Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast and wishing some of that rain blows over here! The grass is more or less dead, and I'm really babying what I have left in my garden! The corn and bean crops, that looked so promising six weeks ago, aren't promising any more. Even us non-farmers are affected, just because our whole community is financed by how the season ends. It may be a lean Winter.


froggy said...

It is either too much or not enough rain!

S'A said...

It does seem so!