Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Under Water

Break out your rain gear, the rainy season is hitting early this year! We went through a draught for several years, but 5 or 6 years ago it broke and now we have very wet, stormy Springs. The last weekend in February brought a tornado and this last weekend we got another thunder and lightening storm that dropped about 2 more inches of water. Unfortunately, we live off of a section of town that once was a swamp and the drainage is horrible. These pictures don't even start to show what we will deal with when we get really heavy rain. The road will be covered and our neighbor across the road will have water up to his foundation. What gripes us the most is the fact that the water drains on the other end of the block. If the city would put in a couple of new culverts, we wouldn't have this problem! During the summer the water will stand and become great breeding ponds for mosquitos, plus it will get slimy and stinky with moss. I used to like rain....

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