Monday, February 13, 2012

Isn't It Romantic!

Funny The Walking Dead Ecard: I'd have to be brain-dead not to want you as my Valentine
My marriage has never been romantic. The closest thing I got to a marriage proposal was "when are we getting married" while we were watching an episode of The Brady Bunch in which some Brady sibling was getting married. I think it must have been one of the movies they made several years after the show ended. I informed him I required flowers when our daughter was born. I forgot to remind him of that when our son was born 2 1/2 years later, resulting in no flowers. Last year's flowers were totally unexpected. Last week he asked if I required a gift this year. I told him no, I was just as happy with acknowledgement. Guess what I found in my e-mail! And yes, I do find it funny. So much so, I sent him one back! Happy Valentine's Day, all!

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froggy said...

I'm not one for my bdays, etc. BUT I do tell my boys not to expect the same from girls, especially younger girls! Was glad to hear Eldest was planning special breakfast for girlfriend's bday!