Thursday, May 31, 2012

Morning Coffee--the Old Man

Fat Cat is our Old Man.  He joined our family in February of 1999 and the Vet thought we was at least 3 years old at the time.  He had been living out of the bumpster at McDonalds for about three month until he got stuck in a storm drain during a winter storm we had that January--the theory is that he got loose from someone traveling through.  A friend of mine, who rescues cats, got the call and took him home.  I had mentioned once that I would like to have a "big blue cat" (because of a story my Mom used to tell) and so she thought of me.  He made himself right at home, declaring himself king from day one. Because of that, we called him Elvis for awhile, but somehow he just morphed into "Fat Cat". He's not very active these days, but he's still a big honey!

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the dogs mother said...

Nobody can nap like a cat :-)