Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Free Entertainment

 I love my back yard. It's fenced in on two sides with the garage on the other side, so it's rather private. And since I like to plant things, it's rather green. And I have a tame squirrel. He's very good entertainment for Pip and Squirt!
 With the (momentary) return of beautiful summer temperatures, we've got the windows open. I'm not the only one that's happy about that!
He's a little skittish, but he comes up on the porch when I'm sitting in my lawn chair. I feed him popcorn and strawberry tops. Once in a while, he brings a friend. The other one isn't quite as tame, but we'll get there!


Bob Slatten said...

Love the cat perch to view the yard!

the dogs' mother said...

Our squirrel lives in our large pine tree and comes to the deck to steal birdseed which someone :-) leaves for him in a convenient place and slurp out of the bird water dish. Abby is most concerned. Loves to the kitties.