Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Life in a Bubble

Image may contain: possible text that says 'hate when people ask me what did yesterday. don't know, I breathed a lot. Probably got mad at something... Sighed heavily. The list goes on.'

This feels pretty spot-on. I started my "leave of absence" full of energy. For the first three weeks, I caught up on some cleaning that really needed doing. And there was plenty of writing and editing work to keep me occupied. Plus, there was the Working Stiffs release that I was devoting time to.


It got cold again. And Facebook is full of scared, confused people. But it's my lifeline to people I care about, so I can't not get on it. And the world started to feel heavy. And I've found out I really need my days to be scheduled. I'm almost amazed that a part of me misses work. I miss my friends. I halfway entertained going back--at least a few hours a day. But I know if I do I'll end up right back where I was at the end of March. Chest pains and anxiety. Physically, I'm so much better now. Mentally, I'm struggling. And I know this will pass. 


Or so I keep telling myself.                             


the dogs' mother said...

It will get better!
xoxo :-)

Bob said...

It'll get better.
And thin your Friends list and lose the asshats, even if they are family.

Sadie J said...

Thanks, @the dogs' mother, I know it will. I just have to hold on to that thought!

And @Bob-- I've unfollowed so many people--sad, but necessary.