Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Around the House 3

I'm used to being on my feet for most of the day. But now that I'm home, that isn't happening and I'm afraid I'll really be hurting when I go back to work. The husband and I have taken a few walks, but the weather has been cool and wet and it's been hit and miss. So I set up a corner with the treadmill that I always meant to use but rarely did (because I was on my feet all day). We don't have cable so I've hooked up an old DVD player to on old 13" television and pulled out the DVDs I haven't watched in years. It was Waterfalls last week, this week is going to be season 1 of Buffy. And ya know, it's been kind of fun!


the dogs' mother said...

Good for you!

Bob said...

We've been lucky in that our weather has been pretty nice the past weeks o we take daily walks.
Good on you for making do, and rigging up some entertainment too!