Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I quit going to church several years ago. The church I grew up in closed over ten years ago and I started going to another church here in town. I tried. I taught children's Sunday school for several years, I chaired Bible School one summer, and I attended Adult Sunday school. But they couldn't keep a minister. The last one gave me the creeps. Plus, money seemed to be a part of the service too often. I quit going. I went a few times to the church my Mom had joined, but again, money was brought up during the service. I'm not talking about passing the plate here, I'm talking about money being a topic of discussion. The church I grew up in never talked about money. They might announce that the new envelopes were in, but money was discussed in a separate meeting once or twice a year following the regular service. I guess I'm too sensitive about it, but it really bothered me. My extended family is very religious--several preachers in the mix, even. And I just never had their faith. I told my Aunt once that I was probably Agnostic. The look on her face! Now, I just keep my mouth shut. Told my kids to keep theirs shut, too! But on Holidays, I do actually miss it.

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