Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Listening From the Edge

My daughter is home from college for the week. It's nice, but I realize how easy it was for me to adjust to her leaving. I'm not saying it didn't effect me-- I think I was on the verge of crying the first whole week, and just a bit less the next week. I miss her, but I also realize this is what I worked the last 18 years for! I try to go to bed a bit early each night so that she and her younger brother can have some time together. I can hear them talking and laughing and think how lucky I am that they get along so well. And they don't even know what a gift their friendship is. My brother and I didn't have that kind of a relationship. I love him to death and really enjoy the time I spend with him, but that didn't come until later in our life. To be honest, I don't think I even liked him until I was in college! So, for the next three nights before she goes back, I am going to lay in bed and listen to them laugh. It's probably one of the best gifts they can give me!

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