Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well, the daughter is in California. I was expecting to get all weepy at the airport and feel miserable all the way home, but we got up yesterday morning to bad weather, so I had to concentrate on my driving all the way to the airport, then when we got to the airport I just dropped them all off at the terminal, gave her a hug, and she was gone. I didn't have time to feel bad. I really had expected to park the car, help them carry everything in, and then wait until we were sure that the flights were all going out as scheduled. But since that isn't the way things went down, I found myself back on the Interstate thinking "Whoa, what just happened?" I stopped at the first McDonald's I came to, got a cup of coffee and something to eat, and called my Best Bud and we talked for an hour. Then I was back on the road for awhile, stopped and spent another hour with a cousin I hadn't seen in years, and home by 2 in the afternoon. She sent me text messages through the day and called from the shuttle bus after they landed in San Fran. Today they get their housing assignments. Classes don't actually start until the 31st, so the girls have plenty of time to get settled and explore their new environment a little bit. I had originally planned on also taking today off. But really, what would I have done all day, except wait for more text messages? I can do that at work and not use up my personal days. Her massive amounts of student loans worries me, but I don't worry about her at all--I know she will probably have the time of her life. And aren't you supposed to do that when you're young? Because chances are, it isn't going to happen when you are in your 40's!

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