Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitty Love

Fat Cat has kind of been the daughter's cat for a long time. Anytime she is home and sitting on the couch, he is up there, right next to her. So yesterday, when I went in her room to grab her blankets so I can wash them, he followed me in and jumped right up on her pillow and just gave me go to hell looks when I mentioned he hop down. I let him stay there. After all, he's going to miss her, too!

A little update--she was supposed to get her housing assignment yesterday, but they apparently have more students then dorms, so they put the girls and a group of other students in the local Hilton Gardens Inn until rooms opens up! It could be two weeks, it could be the whole semester. Nice view, and they get their own bathroom, but they will have to go to campus to eat. Could get interesting for them!

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