Monday, January 6, 2014

Because the Stupid People Need Those Cigarettes!

I haven't heard anything official, but I'm guessing we got close to a foot of snow yesterday. The drift is bad and the temps are sub-zero. The authorities have declared most of the roads closed and dangerous. I live three blocks from work, so I'm sure here in another hour or two I'll be trekking my way to the store--most of my fellow employees live in the next town over or in the country so we'll be working with a skeleton crew. Ideally, we wouldn't even open because people shouldn't be out! But, and I know this from experience, I'll have customers come in for one thing. Milk, a loaf of bread (I'm sure we're out of both) or a pack of cigarettes. It's not so much that they need them but they simply have this itch to challenge the elements. Not me--I'd be quite happy to stay in! I'm holding on to the tiniest flicker of hope that my boss calls and tells me to stay home. (Not going to happen, but a girl can dream!)

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