Friday, January 10, 2014

The Sun Rises on a Brighter Day!

We have water! The plumbers got here yesterday afternoon and it was an easy fix. My husband said he got done in less than an hour. While one plumber was under the house fixing the problem the other one was in the drive way, getting his truck unstuck! We have a narrow drive way and he slid off of it. Anyway, got home from work and was able to take a hot shower. Best shower of my life! It's supposed to get warmer today, maybe into the low 40s (heat wave!) with rain. My concern is the fact that there is no where for it to go. Somehow, I don't think the City crew is going to drive around this morning digging out the sewer drains. I had almost hoped to wake up to freezing rain and use it as an excuse to not show up to work. I could use a day off--such a long week!

Just for a taste of the fun we've been having, I'm sharing this video. I think you have to go to YouTube to watch it. The last 30 seconds or so are our stretch of road. People have talked about the "Snow of '82" for years (18" that year) but I think this is worse, just because of the colder temps.


the dogs' mother said...

Our temps are rising and that means winds with gusts up to 60 mph... if it is not one thing it is another:-)

Bob Slatten said...

Glad you've finally seen some light, not to mention hot water!!!